Why add this itty-bitty code on your website?

By adding this bit of code and a simple umbrella icon, women all over Toronto will be now be able to access completely risk-free chat options with the professional counsellors at Women's Habitat.

Women who seek refuge from domestic violence need a safe, UNTRACKABLE resource, where their browser history does not archive the information they seek for safe shelter.By adding this umbrella icon at the footer of YOUR local site, they simply click the symbol and chat option connects them directly with resources, under the guise of your URL. Completely private, and secure, and untrackable, for both you and the women you help.

NOTE: this is a live sample of a prototype that was developed at "Gift the Code", a Hackathon sponsored by Capital One Canada on Oct. 21-23/16. If you would like to sponsor this solution, please contact the development team by email or Women's Habitat.


Here's the HTML tag.

Simply copy and paste it to the footer of your site.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://stani.ca/dip.js"></script>



The footer on Capital One's site, same for Walmart, and how it looks on mobile for Lush. The chat works on mobile, desktop or ipad.


3 Ways to Keep the Conversations Going....


Add #GifttheChat to YOUR website or blog.

This chat feature was designed to easily be added to the footer of any site, protecting the digital footprint and tracking history on any device a woman might use to seek counsel, without tipping off those who might do them harm. For a tutorial click here, or simply add this HTML tag to the footer of your site:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://stani.ca/dip.js"></script>



There's potential to help promote this new service for the women of Toronto, with the hashtag #GiftTheChat and social shares.

Corporate partners could donate 5¢ per share, as does the Bell corporation with the "Let's Talk" annual program. It's a simple and easy way to raise funds and awareness. Cumulatively, we can all take part in helping women in Toronto.

Social shares could raise funds to pay for the professional staff required to respond to chats, and spread the word.

Financial Contributions.

As a not-for-profit organization, all financial donations go directly to women in need, business expenses, and professional fees.

When 10 people donate $10 each...

10x$10= $100

That $100 contribution keeps the conversation
going one more day! 

Test it out. Click on the umbrella symbol prototype below to open the chat window. (Once adapted, there will be a responder on the other end, a professional from The Women's Habitat.)

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